Friday, May 11, 2012

Shell of a School

Today school was really empty because anyone with a brain went on the Dorney Park trip. I, however, didn't because, as we established, am dumber than a rock. Only Select Chorus, Band, and Orchestra can go, and I can sing well. I was in Select Chorus last year, but I didn't come to rehearsal a lot, so Ms. Reese kicked me out. It was kind of a relief, because my mom was breathing down my neck with that. But now, I feel stupid for getting myself kicked out because this year was my last chance to go and HE went. I was all alone, and most of my friends stayed home or went on the trip, so I was bored to death. Aniyah came to school, but it was kinda awkward, 'cause her grandma JUST died on Wednesday. It was so mind-numbing, because we couldn't do anything fun because we didn't have any Advisory, and all the fun people went on the trip. I wish I had less strict parents so I could have stayed home and watched TV all day and gotten a head start on these stupid chores. >:( Sometimes, I really hate my life.

A really angry and lonely girl

P.S. If you didn't figure out, HE is my crush.
P.P.S His name is Chris. He's funny and black, like me.
P.P.P.S. I really like him, but I should get over him. Any tips??

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