Monday, July 30, 2012


Sorry I haven't been posting anything lately. It's not like anyone reads this anyway -________- but anyway, I totally forgot to tell you  guys that I met ALL TIME LOW!!! I'm in love with them! I wish I could've met B.Y. E. I love them too...mostly Connor because he is beautiful(: And Riley because he is super cute! And Braiden because he does magic and has gorgeous hair. Anddddd Thomas because he is just super sexy and hilarious. Okay, so I like all of them. But Connor the most <3 I am a die-hard Connor fan!!! I would so fangirl if I saw him in real life and not on this computer screen like I usually do :P. Whatever, I have to wait for them to have another tour or for me to save up enough $$$ for a house party. I wish I had more friends that like B. Y. E. Other than Ann, is what I mean. Maybe I can convince Kristina to like them! I convinced her to like ATL, after all(I think)!