Friday, May 18, 2012

I Hate My Parents

Sometimes my parents can be cool and encouraging and fun. Most times they're super annoying and I just want to choke them. Mostly my dad. He sucks the fun out of everything. >:(

Friday, May 11, 2012

Before You Exit

I LOVE THIS BAND!!!! Omg, they are literally the best unfamous band I have heard in a while. I think they might be famous one day. They got 3 million views on one video (a cover of What Makes You Beautiful) in one year! They are incredibly talented and cute(: Riley and Connor's little brother Toby should marry me!! I love them so much!!

Shell of a School

Today school was really empty because anyone with a brain went on the Dorney Park trip. I, however, didn't because, as we established, am dumber than a rock. Only Select Chorus, Band, and Orchestra can go, and I can sing well. I was in Select Chorus last year, but I didn't come to rehearsal a lot, so Ms. Reese kicked me out. It was kind of a relief, because my mom was breathing down my neck with that. But now, I feel stupid for getting myself kicked out because this year was my last chance to go and HE went. I was all alone, and most of my friends stayed home or went on the trip, so I was bored to death. Aniyah came to school, but it was kinda awkward, 'cause her grandma JUST died on Wednesday. It was so mind-numbing, because we couldn't do anything fun because we didn't have any Advisory, and all the fun people went on the trip. I wish I had less strict parents so I could have stayed home and watched TV all day and gotten a head start on these stupid chores. >:( Sometimes, I really hate my life.

A really angry and lonely girl

P.S. If you didn't figure out, HE is my crush.
P.P.S His name is Chris. He's funny and black, like me.
P.P.P.S. I really like him, but I should get over him. Any tips??

Feeling Stupid

Ooo! Guess you haven't heard about my amazing knack for feeling stupid. You wouldn't, 'cause you don't even know me. But anyway, I do the dumbest things and then I feel incredibly stupid for a considerable amount of time. My brain likes to take a leave of absence sometimes.
Like the time(s) I told my crush(es) that I liked them. That was super dumb. And emotionally hurtful.
Or the time I accidentally racked up and $300 phone bill and got grounded for it. Definitely stupid.
But other times I am a genius. Like that time when...Ok, I can't think of anything now, but I am occasionally a genius.
I digress.
I am feeling really stupid because I just spent the last 3 hours on the computer and TV instead of doing my chores. My parents are going to be really mad.
Oh well.
I need some anger right about now; I am so bored I am about to explode my brains out of my skull, just to feel something.

a suprisingly depressing-sounding Jai. (:

P.S. Yeah, that's my name. Jai Bronson Boddie. (pronounced Ji Bronson Body)

New Idea

Oh! I have an idea! I am going to write a book. Ok, that's not news, but I have a better idea this time. A unique spin on the classic Cinderella tale! It'll be all nerdy girl and high school jock. They both work on the newspaper committee at their school as rival columnists. They meet at the dance, but they don't know who they are. She drops her book and he begins his search for that perfect girl he met at the dance. She debates on whether she should reveal herself, but when she finally does, he abandons her. So she realizes that she didn't need him in the first place, and she dates her best guy friend and they live happily ever after.
You heard it here first, folks! When I become a bestseller, remeber that I basically just revealed my whole plot to you and it's YOUR fault you didn't scoop it up.
Just kidding, please don't steal my idea. :/

A budding writer! JK, I suck at writing :)

I am a loser

Ok, there is specific evidence that I am a serious dork.
1) I want to go to LeakyCon (a Harry Potter convention)
2) I love My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
3) I don't think Yu Gi Oh! is completely repulsive (but I am close, I can assure you)
4) I still like someone who I KNOW doesn't like me back-stupid, right?
last but not least,
5) I own a Wonder Woman shirt -___-
I know, I know, why aren't the guys lining up? *sarcastic voice* And I wonder why I'm almost in high school and never been kissed. Oh god.

Yours truly,
a total losork (loser+dork)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

So Mad

I am really devastated right now. My mom insists she wants me to have more responsibility and more freedom, but she won't even let me go the movies without an adult. I know she's worried about my safety, but there will be like 6 other people! How is it remotely possible that we would get abducted? I just want to hang out with Chris and Josh and see a movie with a friend FOR ONCE. God, I won't even hang out with Chris next year because he's going to Seton Hall Prep and Josh has his own friends too. This could be my last chance to hang out with them for real. And I can't take it. I really hate my mom right now. >:(

Audiophile Alert

Heyyy. Listening to Lose Yourself by Eminem. I don't really love rap, but Eminem is good. I'm trying to expand my music circle. I only listen to Pop Rock, Pop Punk, Alternative, Pop, and occasionally Rap...yeah. Idk why I'm writing this, I don't think anyone will read it. :) :3 :*

-Jai <3

Super Pumped!

Hey. Jai here. Kinda overwhelmed. I have like 5 tests tomarrow, I'm still weirded out about my crush finding out I like him (and not caring), and I am super excited about maybe seeing The Avengers with some friends next Friday. A lot has been happening recently. The Dorney Park trip is on Friday (I can't go), and the end of the year trip is almost here (June 6th)!!! Can't wait for that.