Friday, May 11, 2012

New Idea

Oh! I have an idea! I am going to write a book. Ok, that's not news, but I have a better idea this time. A unique spin on the classic Cinderella tale! It'll be all nerdy girl and high school jock. They both work on the newspaper committee at their school as rival columnists. They meet at the dance, but they don't know who they are. She drops her book and he begins his search for that perfect girl he met at the dance. She debates on whether she should reveal herself, but when she finally does, he abandons her. So she realizes that she didn't need him in the first place, and she dates her best guy friend and they live happily ever after.
You heard it here first, folks! When I become a bestseller, remeber that I basically just revealed my whole plot to you and it's YOUR fault you didn't scoop it up.
Just kidding, please don't steal my idea. :/

A budding writer! JK, I suck at writing :)

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